Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to help individuals, couples, and families heal from the mental, emotional, and physical struggles that are keeping them from experiencing connected, fulfilling lives and relationships. We provide a safe and supportive healing environment rooted in our core values where clients can grow courageously into whole self and relationship well-being. Our values include:


We believe that compassion and tenderness of heart are necessary for creating a context of growth and change.


We believe that courage is necessary for inspired living; we help to facilitate courageous growth in our clients' lives.


We believe that well-being stems from our sense of safe connection to self and others; we helps clients create meaningful connections in their lives and relationships.


We believe in working with, rather than working for.  We work collaboratively with clients and other helping professionals to co-create purposeful change.


We believe that creativity is essential for connecting with our authentic selves and for promoting expansive thinking.


We believe awareness is foundational for personal and relational growth; we help clients raise their awareness and awaken to the present moment, where all change happens.


We believe that curiosity is essential for healing, as it moves us out of judgment and into compassionate exploration.