No Coverage for Qualifying Registered Psychotherapists? Here are Your Options:

  • You can provide your employer with a letter advocating for coverage of services provided by a Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist. Please click the button below to download a letter that you can provide to your employer with more information about the benefits of covering supervised psychotherapy. Some clients have been successful getting coverage this way.

  • If your insurance plan also covers Registered Psychologists, you can contact your insurance provider and ask the following question: 

“If a Registered Psychologist, who is legally and ethically responsible for my care, is providing services through the supervision of someone who is not a psychologist as permitted by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, are these services covered by my plan?”

If “yes”, please see the section on supervised services provided by a Registered Psychologist for more information.

  • You can choose to receive services from any member of our counselling team without submitting claims to your insurer

  • You can choose to receive services from a Registered Psychotherapist on our team whose services are covered by your insurer

  • You can go on a waiting list for the Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist you wish to see until they have completed the requirements to become a fully Registered Psychotherapist (wait times will vary by practitioner)

  • You can choose to receive services elsewhere if you determine that to be a better fit for you

If you have questions about the options listed above, please contact our Client Care Team for assistance.