Working With A Training Counsellor

Who Are Our Master’s Level Training Counsellors?

Our Master’s Level Training Counsellors are graduate students completing the practicum portion of their degree in Counselling Psychology. Our co-founders are deliberate about choosing training counsellors who not only reflect our clinic’s core values, but who also offer a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and life experience. Each training counsellor has successfully completed a multi-stage interview process with our co-founders prior to starting their practicum at our clinic. During their practicum at New Roots Therapy, our training counsellors are supervised by experienced therapists, including Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Marriage and Family Therapists, and a Registered Psychologist.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Master’s Level Training Counsellor?

  1. Reduced Fees: Our training counsellors are available to see clients at a reduced rate. For clients with limited or no benefits, working with a Master’s Level Training Counsellor may be a more budget-friendly option.

  2. Little to No Wait Times: Our Master’s Level Training Counsellors are available to see clients within no more than a week, most times even less. It is not uncommon for our full-time therapists to have wait times of 1 month, sometimes up to 1 year. As well, every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30-9 p.m., our training counsellors are available for same day sessions.

  3. Opportunities for Couple’s Co-therapy: Our Master’s Level Training Counsellors are available to work with couples in teams of two, which gives clients the opportunity to benefit from additional perspectives, knowledge, and experience.

  4. Treatment Team Approach: Your Master’s Level Training Counsellor works under the supervision of experienced therapists, who are part of your treatment team and are available to provide regular feedback and guidance to your counsellor, as well as to meet with you directly should you have any concerns about your care.