Welcome, Fall: 3 Tips to Make the Most of the New Season

Post Written By: Corinne Carter, Relationship Therapist

After 3 months off, we're back from our summer blogging hiatus - how appropriate that we start a new season of blog posts on the first day of Fall!  :)

And since it's the first day of Fall, I decided to write this post on three ways to make the most of the change in season.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Get Outside: Being in nature has countless benefits for our mental and emotional wellbeing!  Unfortunately, it's not uncommon that at the first sight of leaves on the ground, we cocoon ourselves indoors and disappear until Spring.  Fall is a beautiful time of year - the air, although cooler, is crisp and refreshing; the days, although shorter, light up with breathtaking pops of golden yellow, burnt orange, and deep red all around.  Being in nature is a calming, healing, coming-back-to-ourselves experience, so get outside and enjoy this time! Go for a walk, watch the leaves with curiosity and awe as they change colour and fall from their branches, fill up your lungs with the fresh Fall air.  When we connect with nature, we connect with our highest selves.  Soak in all the benefits that Mother Earth provides.


2. Look to Nature for Guidance:  When we're in a transition between seasons, it's a great time to notice the lessons that nature has to offer us.  One of the lessons that nature teaches us is that nothing is permanent.  Life is always changing and looking to nature to help us remember that can be very grounding, particularly when we find it difficult to accept change and find ourselves trying to control situations to keep change from happening (which often results in distress).  Life is in a constant state of flow, and it's really important that we stay open to the flow of life in order to live as our highest selves.  Distressing times can invite us to shut down and resist the flow of life but remember that, just as nature shows us, everything will pass through you if you allow it to.  With every ending is a new beginning.  So, be fully engaged in your experience - whether it brings a smile to your face, or breaks your heart - because no moment lasts forever.  Another lesson that nature teaches us at this time of year, as the leaves fall from the trees, is that there is beauty in letting go.   Nature has so much to show us about ourselves and how to live our best lives, if we can just look around and be mindful of her lessons.

3. Revisit Your Goals:  As we move into the final months of the year, this is a great opportunity to re-assess your personal vision and goals.  With any change of season, it's a natural time to take pause, reflect, and check in with ourselves to see how we're living our lives.  Are we living in line with our hopes and values? Are we living in such a way that we're moving closer towards our personal vision?  Back in January, you may or may not have decided on some new year's resolutions; the beginning of Fall is a great time to assess whether or not there are still some resolutions you want to work towards.  It's also a great time to celebrate and honour any changes that have happened throughout the year up to this point!

Wishing you wellness, always <3