Living Consciously

Post written by: Corinne Carter, Relationship Therapist

Hello, Everyone!

It’s been far too long since we’ve been in the blogging space and we’re happy to be back. 2014 was an exciting year filled with many changes, some of which included: moving to a new office, expanding our team and becoming multidisciplinary, creating new workshops/groups, and forming new relationships within our community. As we navigated each transition throughout the year, we decided to put our blog on the back burner in order to focus on the immediate changes taking place. At this point, although we anticipate that 2015 will be another year of changes and new developments, we’re ready to put more energy into our blog posts once again!

We last left off with a post called the “5% More Kindness Challenge”, where we invited you to join us in practicing 5% more kindness/compassion/generosity/love/etc. in your day-to-day activities for a week. Our team members took on this challenge in a variety of ways: giving their spouse the benefit of the doubt during an argument, paying for a stranger’s order at the drive-thru, driving (extra) courteously, making a small donation to someone in need, spending time with a friend they hadn’t seen in a while, etc.

In reflecting on my personal experience with the challenge, I noticed that there were times when it was easy to practice 5% more kindness and times when it wasn’t (like the time another driver cut me off on the 401 and nearly ran me off the that moment, as I shouted curse words at the other driver, I was keenly aware of how difficult it was to hold on to any amount of compassion!).

What really stood out to me during the challenge, however, was this: when I have a clear intention, I feel more aware and more empowered in my decision-making. During the challenge, as I went about my daily goings-on, I held the intention of practicing 5% more kindness in the forefront of my mind. This meant that I was not only more aware of when opportunities to practice kindness presented themselves, but I was also actively seeking to create such opportunities! Additionally, it meant that I was more aware of those moments when acting kind felt really tough and, because of this awareness, I was better able to choose how I responded in those moments (and, sometimes, I chose to curse at a fellow driver...). All in all, this experience reinforced that when I set a clear intention, I live more consciously.  If we each lived with 5% more consciousness each day, what effect would that have on our personal well-being? Our work? Our relationships with others?

And finally, in the name of setting clear intentions, our intentions for our blog this year include new posts every other Wednesday (“Wellness Wednesdays!”) and contributions from different members of our team!  Looking forward to connecting with you more often in 2015!