Click to hear David speak about his style and approach to counselling

Click to hear David speak about his style and approach to counselling

David Leung, m.a.


Availability: Monday ( 1-9 p.m.), Thursday (9 a.m.-4:45 p.m.), Friday (9 a.m.- 3 p.m. online), & Saturday (10 a.m.-5 p.m.)

How you see anything is how you will see everything.
— Richard Rohr

Education, Training, & Professional Development

An unrelenting fascination to learn and to discover motivated my initial pursuit of scientific study in the field of chemistry. Here, I developed a discipline for empirical process and systematic analysis, and in 1999, I earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia. Continuing within a stream of formal learning, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Education at UBC and started my career as a secondary school teacher.

Finding my curiosity crossing over into philosophy, culture, and spiritual tradition, I formalized this exploration in theological study, obtaining a Masters of Divinity at Tyndale University and Seminary. For the next several years, my work explored the interaction of spiritual tradition and community in a ministerial context. This relationally immersive context challenged me to move beyond favoured preferences and to support individuals with exceptional needs as a developmental support worker for several years. The individuals I supported taught me much that could not be learned by formal study. This experience taught me the value of being genuinely present with another human being, the difference between hearing and listening, the strength and courage of human existence, and the inherent potential of every human being to grow and to flourish. These lessons have also been central in my own self-discovery, and I have found that the counselling relationship is ideally suitable for cultivating such essential matters related to self-growth. I have now completed Yorkville University’s Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree, and am pleased to encourage others in their journey of self-growth at New Roots Therapy.

My Style & Approach

If it’s true that “how we see anything is how we see everything”, then an essential matter of growth concerns a person’s ability to see. To cultivate perspective, my approach appreciates courses attentive to simplicity, the particular, and the universal, such as the perennial tradition which observes the dynamic rhythms of life and the potential for all living beings to grow and to flourish. My approach also incorporates complex existential questions and ultimate concerns which acknowledge our pain and invite us to become more attentively present. And I readily incorporate traditional and popular narratives which help individuals to confront the crucial paradoxes of life. Underlying these varied approaches is a continued commitment to methodology which empirically demonstrates measurable therapeutic benefits.

With new courage to perceive life expansively, clients are able to appreciate life more fully and to even come to terms with troublesome matters such as anxiety, depression, grief, uncertainty, failure, and difficult relationships. And in developing a compassionate outlook for all aspects of life, clients are empowered to see new possibilities, to overcome exceptional challenges, to grow, and to flourish.

Personal Activities

I enjoy taking in new experiences. Sometimes this happens while sitting down by the water looking out across Lake Ontario. Sometimes this happens on a walk through the neighbourhood. I also enjoy taking in a good story on TV or in a book, or hearing a new song and learning to play it on the guitar. For me, what is extraordinary in all of this is good company. And I share this wonderfully expansive life with my spouse and four young boys.

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