Life is a succession of crises and moments when we have to rediscover who we are and what we really want.
— Jean Vanier

About Us

We are a team of counselling and wellness professionals dedicated to caring for your mind, body, spirit, and relationships by helping you...

  • Deepen relationships and strengthen emotional bonds
  • Connect with your authentic self and uncover your life path
  • Learn to express emotions healthfully 
  • Improve communication skills
  • Change your relationship with depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Practice forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Improve your physical health and energy levels
  • Heal old wounds and fears that are keeping you from living the life you desire

...and so much more.  If you want to breathe a little easier each day, build stronger connections in your most important relationships, and live a more wholehearted life, give us a call - we'd love to chat about how we can best serve you!

 Melissa Kroonenberg & Corinne Carter, Registered Psychotherapists, Relationship Therapists, & Clinic Co-owners. Corinne & Melissa received their training from the Couple and Family Therapy program at the University of Guelph.

Melissa Kroonenberg & Corinne Carter, Registered Psychotherapists, Relationship Therapists, & Clinic Co-owners. Corinne & Melissa received their training from the Couple and Family Therapy program at the University of Guelph.

our services

1. Psychotherapy & Relationship counselling for individuals, couples, & Families

Our therapists understand that problems do not exist within a vacuum.  We help our clients to better understand themselves in the context of their relationships and work towards greater levels of emotional well-being by exploring the many relationships and systems that impact their lives. Please see our Psychotherapy & Relationship Counselling page for more information on the types of concerns that we can help you with.

Couples' Clinic

As part of our relational focus, we also run the Durham Couples' Clinic, which is a specialized branch of New Roots Therapy offering relationship therapy, programs, and workshops specifically tailored to couples.  Our couple's therapists are mental health professionals and relationship specialists with specific education, training, skills, and experience for working with couples.  For more information on the Durham Couples' Clinic, please click here or get in touch.

Online Therapy

Individual and couple's therapy sessions are offered both in-person and online.  Online therapy can be a great fit for those clients who are struggling to fit appointments into a busy schedule, as well as clients who prefer a more discrete way to access therapy services. For more information on Online Therapy, please click here or contact our office.


All of our therapists are members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario; some of our Relationship Therapists are also members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  You can view each of our therapists' personalized profiles in the "Counselling Team" section to learn more about their qualifications and experience.

Counselling Intern

We provide practicum placement opportunities for Master's level students completing their degree in a counselling program.  Counselling interns are available to see clients at a reduced rate under the supervision of our clinic co-owners and team psychologists. We will have a Counselling Intern starting with us again in September, 2017.

2. Behaviour Services for children, youth, & families

Our behaviour services team supports children, adolescents, and families who are experiencing behavioural challenges at home, school, or in the community).  Please see our Behaviour Services page for more information on the types of concerns that our behaviour specialists can support.  Our behaviour specialists are Certified Behavior Analysts and members of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

3. Naturopathic Services

Our naturopathic doctor supports children and adults of all ages and stages of health with a wide range of concerns, including: mental health (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.) digestive health, skin concerns, hormone-related concerns, chronic pain, weight loss and optimizing health, etc.  Many clients choose to work with one of the therapists on our counselling team in combination with our naturopathic doctor; however, you may choose to receive naturopathic services on their own.  Please see our Naturopathic Services page for more information.

our Mission & Values

We help motivated individuals, couples, & families grow courageously into their best lives & relationships.


We believe that compassion and tenderness of heart are necessary for creating a context of growth and change.


We believe that courage is necessary for inspired living.  We help to facilitate courageous growth in our clients' lives.


We believe that well-being stems from our sense of connection.  We strive to help clients deepen their sense of connection with self and other.


We believe in working with, rather than working for.  In the spirit of collaboration, we work with our clients to co-create meaningful changes in their lives.  We also practice collaboratively within our team and with other health professionals in the interest of providing high-quality care.


We believe that creativity is essential for authentic living and for promoting expansive thinking. We help clients connect with their creative-thinking abilities by learning to reduce stress.


We believe that self-awareness is necessary for personal and relational growth; we help clients raise their awareness and awaken to the present moment, where all change happens.