Other Services

animal-assisted therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy is provided by Heather Kent (Registered Psychotherapist) and her animal companion, Jaguar (Jag). Jag is a black labrador with extensive training and experience working with clients, including children and youth, who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, ASD, communication difficulties, and more. 

If you are interested in working with Heather and Jag, or would like more information on Animal-Assisted Therapy, please contact our Client Care Team.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is a form of counselling which combines physical activity, the outdoors, and talk therapy.  The benefits of Walk & Talk therapy can include:

  • Developing a stronger mind-body connection, which can help to increase self-awareness; a key element in the process of change

  • Improvements to physical health, which in turn support improvements to mental and emotional health, thus promoting a greater sense of well-being overall

  • Facilitating a positive therapeutic relationship

  • Creative thinking, which can help to encourage change when the therapeutic process is feeling "stuck"

Some of our therapist offer Walk & Talk Therapy sessions between the months of May-September (weather permitting).  Please contact our Client Care Team for more information!