Brianne Dutrisac, m.a. Candidate

Master’s Level Training Counsellor

Availability: Thursday (3-9 p.m.), Friday (1- 9 p.m.), & Saturday (10 a.m.-2 p.m.)


Education, Training, & Professional Development

I am currently working towards the completion of my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University, which allows me to have an internship at New Roots Therapy. The program is entirely online based which allows for flexibility and ability to spend more time working with clients and learning about real world applications in the field. 
I completed my Bachelors degree in Forensic Psychology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, which provided me with a background knowledge of psychology with a criminology focus.

My Style & Approach

My expansive academic background has taught me a range of models and therapeutic frameworks to consider in my work with clients. I have gravitated naturally towards a Bio-Psycho-Social approach which considers the biological/physiological, psychological, and social facets of life and how they come together to impact a person’s well-being. I draw from a combination of psychological orientations to best suit the needs of my clients, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, existentialism, and psychodynamic theories.

Personal Activities

In my spare time, I really enjoy taking yoga which aims to connect the body, mind, and soul. This complements the approach I take in my counselling practice which considers the different elements of well-being that work together to influence our daily lives. I also really enjoy reading and spending time with loved ones. I aim to end each day in reflection as I consider how my experiences from the day are part of my own self growth journey.