Registered Psychotherapist 


Monday (5-9 p.m.), Wednesday (1-5 p.m.), Thursday (5-9 p.m.), & Sunday (10 a.m.-6 p.m.)

(Note: other times may be available by appointment)


I am a graduate of the Master's of Arts program in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Through my course work, I have studied a variety of therapeutic modalities (e.g., cognitive, behavioural, humanistic, and psychodynamic) and their applications when counselling individuals, couples, and families.  Other areas focused on during my course work, which I consider to be essential to my future career in counselling, include ethical standards, counselling competencies, cultural differences in counselling, and research methodologies.

Prior to completing my Master of Arts, I completed my Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology through York University. I also completed my Diploma in Child and Youth Work through Oulton College.  

My professional development thus far consists of attending several workshops/conferences related to working with individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioural strategies, and play therapy techniques. I also recently attended a workshop related to applying Emotion Focused Therapy when working with couples within a therapeutic context.

In addition to my work at New Roots Therapy, I currently work as a Behaviour Consultant for an Ontario hospital.  I provide mediator-model treatment support to residential agencies and families experiencing behavioural concerns of individuals with developmental disabilities. Prior to my current position, I worked as a Lead Instructor Therapist providing Intensive Behavioural Interventions to children with Autism.  I have also worked as a Child and Youth Worker at both adult and adolescent psychiatric inpatient units.


Based on my extensive course work and professional experiences, I believe in approaching my clients with empathy, compassion, genuineness, openness, and above all else, collaboration. Nobody knows you better than yourself and I believe that everyone holds the key to their own happiness and fulfillment. I believe that my role is to walk with you down the path of self-discovery and provide the necessary tools to help continue moving you forward.

My hope is to approach each client individually in a holistic manner, taking into consideration the biopsychosocial histories each person brings with them to the session and using this information to explore the various factors which are contributing to the current levels of functioning within daily life and relationships. Personally, I am drawn toward solution-focused, emotion-focused, cognitive, and behavioural techniques in counselling.


I love all animals and enjoy cuddling with my cats, visiting the zoo, and going to the SPCA to walk the dogs. I also love traveling and being outdoors. During my weekends (both summer and winter), I try to get up to the cottage as often as possible for boating, canoeing, snowmobiling, and skiing. I also try to visit the Atlantic Provinces as often as possible for the culture, landscape, and endless photo opportunities. Aside from working with people and animals, my passion in my free time is photography.